The following cremation services are available direct to clients from either of the two Pet Farewells locations.
Individual cremations involve the separation of each pet in the cremator using a map drawn-up to show their exact physical placement, and we guarantee the return of the correct cremains to the pet owner. All of the cremation services include the cost of engraving, a certificate, and a copy of the poem Forever Friend.

Return of ashes

Cardboard Casket

Individual cremation in a cardboard casket suitable for easy scattering of cremains. Includes engraving.

Pet Weight (kg)< 55-1011-2526-4041-60> 60
Cardboard casket$175$190$240$280$335+$2.00/kg

Wooden Casket

Individual cremation in a wooden casket. Choice of wood types includes macrocarpa, pacific kauri and pacific rimu. Includes engraving with the choice of either directly into the wood, a black plaque or a gold plaque.

Pet Weight (kg)< 55-1011-2526-4041-60> 60
Wooden casket$245$265$320$355$420+$2.00/kg

Wooden caskets may be purchased separately (without cremains) as sometimes customer change their minds from receiving their pet in a cardboard scattering casket to wanting something more permanent to keep their pet's treasured cremains in. The following pricelist applies to all three wood types, and includes engraving:

Size & Price (NZ$)Size & Price (NZ$)
(XXS) Extra small Pacific Rimu$45(M) Medium$70
(XS) Extra small$55(L) Large$75
(S) Small$65(XL) Extra large$80

Ceramic Urn

Individual cremation in a ceramic urn. A choice of colours includes black, bronze or white. Includes engraving.

Pet weight (kg)< 55-1011-2526-4041-60> 60
Ceramic urn$225$245$300$335$400+$2.00/kg

Ceramic urns may be purchased separately (without cremains). The following pricelist applies to all three colours, and includes engraving:


No return of ashes

Pet Farewells Garden

Individual cremation with cremains scattered on the Pet Farewells Garden of Remembrance at Ruakura Campus. NOTE: This service is available in Hamilton only

Pet weight (kg)< 55-1011-2526-4041-60> 60
Individual cremation$130$145$190$230$280+$1.75/kg

Group cremation

Group cremation involves all the pets being placed in the cremator without any defining space between them. The bones are ultimately disposed of without being cremulated.

Pet weight (kg)< 55-1011-2526-4041-60> 60

* all return of ashes prices include engraving, poem and certificate
Prices effective 1st January 2017
Veterinary clinics : for a full list of wholesale prices including medical waste disposal please contact us at


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